There are several factors that make interim offerings increasingly popular and cost-effective to in-house legal teams.

Temporary legal professionals play an important role in many organisations by:

  • Enabling a legal team to adjust to workload fluctuations
  • Maintaining staffing flexibility and improving efficiency
  • Allowing a worker to be assessed without commitment
  • Saving a legal department time and money
  • Providing specialised skills to all types of industries
  • Speed to hire, due to their flexibility, interims tend to be available at short notice
  • An interim’s employment is based largely on their reputation, as such they tend to be invested in providing a high quality service
  • Objectivity – An interim can bring a new perspective to a business, given their varied experience and non-political stand point to the business

And finally…

  • Establishing a long-term positive relationship with TAP Search

When you find an agency that is experienced, accommodating and provides a timely and quality service you may want to work with exclusively. A good relationship with us will go a long way toward meeting your company needs.

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