We search for candidates based on the criteria provided by you. In order to assist you, we conduct the following process:

First Stage: The Consultation

Face to face or by telephone, dependent on your availability and urgency of the requirement. This enables us to:

  • Fully understand your department structure, strategy and the way in which you work, which leads us to establish your expectations of suitable candidates
  • Design a job description based on your criteria, including rationale behind requirement, day to day duties to be performed, essential and desirable technical skills and qualifications, character, availability and budget

Second Stage: The Search

We utilize our database and networks of in-house and private practice lawyers. Led by a TAP consultant and researchers, the search is based on the following criteria:

  • Technical skill search
  • Industry search
  • Radius/Location search
  • References and recommendations


  • TAP Search have access to some of the UK’s leading legal in-house job boards and publications
  • In addition, we make use of our extensive legal social media network

*Advertisement can be conducted on a confidential or branded basis, please ask your consultant for further details

Third Stage: First Stage Candidate Interviews

Your TAP Search consultant will conduct first stage telephone interviews with relevant candidates, followed by arranging face to face meetings based on telephone interview.

Fourth Stage: Shortlisting

Following the TAP Search consultant’s face to face meetings with candidates, a shortlist of recommended candidates is presented to you. All shortlists comprises CVs formatted in TAP Search’s in-house style, including consultant notes, candidate notice period, current salary and salary expectations.

Fifth Stage: Arrange Formal Interview

Your TAP Search consultant will arrange interviews (telephone or face to face) between you and your preferred candidates.

Sixth Stage: Offer

Upon successful identification of preferred candidate, your TAP Search consultant shall manage the offer and signing of the contract.

Client Aftercare:

Throughout your engagement with us and after placement, your dedicated consultant will keep you up to date with timesheet management, AWR guidance, legal market trends & analysis, salary surveys, hiring & retention advice and interviewing techniques. For further information, please call us on 02071275274.