How will I be paid?

Working as an interim allows for greater control and flexibility over how you are paid, below are the three main routes that we see commonly as a successful way of working:

  • Ltd
  • PAYE
  • Umbrella

We have an online timesheet system, to record the days or hours that you work. The online functionality helps you, your line manager and TAP Search ensure that you are paid on time and in line with your contract.

Please speak to a member of our team for further information.

Take Part in our Annual Salary Survey

Our research team is currently undertaking our 2015 salary survey, so that we may best advise you as to the market rates. If you would like to take part, please take a moment (less than a minute!) to complete the survey:

Click candidate or hiring manager, dependant on which term describes your current status.

By taking part, you are automatically entered into our prize draw for a ***Luxury Harrods Hamper***.